If you are a runner or a sports fan in general, please join Baneasa Race Series 2018 team, and help us offer running lovers an unforgettable experience.

We challenge you to help us organize the events of April 15th, September 23rd and December 9th, and should you decide to join us, your individual contribution will sure be one of the keys to the success of this series of events. 

We need friends and supporters, because we are dealing with complex events that we need to stage, and our ambitions are just as high, as we have shown in the previous years, and as we plan to prove once more. And for that, we need you.

Join us as a volunteer in Baneasa Race event series. Volunteer activities may include: setup and handover of race kits, marking, race course cleaning or orientation, refereeing, parking lot guiding, aid station support, handover of medals, logistic support, etc.

We appriciate your help, therefor at the event you will receive the volunteers kit made of: 1 Intersport T-shirt, 1 Powerbar drinking bottle, 1 Intersport and 1 Skechers  vouchers, and also, during the event – a portion of pasta from City Grill, an Eisberg salad and a Zuzu yogurt.

For applications, sign the form