There will be at least 2 official training sessions for Băneasa Race 2019 – Autumn Edition to enable runners to get used to the terrain, which is the most important aspect. The benefits of such training include fresh air from the forest and trail-protected joints. The group training sessions shall be announced on our Facebook page. We will be running on the 11 km Cross Race course, (click here to see the course), and many other pleasant surprises will await you.

Training Sessions Rules

These rules apply to the Băneasa Race official training sessions organized by the “TRĂIESC SĂNĂTOS” Association, whose date and time will be announced soon.

If you feel that you cannot observe these rules, you are not allowed to participate in these training sessions. Each participant shall take part in these training sessions at their own risk, and the organizers shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to any incident that may occur.

1. The official training sessions of this competition start at the Police Academy and take place on the Cross Race course, covering a distance of 11 km. Running through the forest involves several aspects that need to be taken into account in order to avoid unpleasant events. No safety-related assistance is provided during the training sessions. Therefore, act prudently. The course has several turns, and forest running supposes the avoidance of unevenness, branches, knobs, and, in general, of the elements specific to unpaved terrain. The organizer undertakes no liability in the case of accidents. If any incident occurs, call emergency services by dialing 112. During the training, it is imperative to have a sufficiently charged mobile phone on you. For evening training sessions organized after 18:30, it is mandatory to have a functional headlamp/lantern.

2. The training will take place in groups and each group shall have a leader appointed by the organizer, with different running paces, to be announced onsite. The slowest running pace of the last group leader is 7 minutes/kilometer. Make sure you can run at this pace.

3. The course is unmarked. Runners must accompany a group leader throughout the training session so as not to get lost and in order to enjoy a pleasant and organized experience. Runners who cannot keep up with their group leader must stop and wait for the leader of a slower pace group. It is forbidden to follow a person other than the group leader because following someone else while running may mislead you and you may get lost.

4. Organizers may use and reproduce any material containing images of participants, whether running or not.

* These Rules are drawn up and made public according to the Romanian law and it is available on www.baneasarace.ro. The organizers reserve the right to amend or change these Official Rules.