„Băneasa Race”

organized by “TRĂIESC SĂNĂTOS” Association and held on

Sunday, 29 SEPTEMBER 2019

The following rules apply for the Băneasa Race amateur sports competition, organized by “Trăiesc Sănătos” Association, which will take place on Sunday, September 29th, 2019.

By participating in this event, participants express their consent to observe and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of these Official Rules and of the applicable legislation in force. Furthermore, participants must sign and hand over the declaration on honour, made available by the Organizers, when picking up their race kit.


Băneasa Race is an outdoor competition, the course being located on forest trails and roads of Băneasa and Tunari forests, in the North of Bucharest. Participants may choose one of the races they desire to attend: Cross Race – 11 kilometers or Half Marathon 21 kilometers. The minimum participation age is 18. Participants above 16 years of age with special sports skills are exonerated from this limitation, but they will need their parents’/custodians’ written and signed consent, on the registration form and the accountability statement, attesting their awareness of the competition conditions and rules and their consent to the teenager’s registration and participation in the competition. This only applies for the 11 Km race.


The participation fee for each of the two races – Cross Race and Half Marathon – varies depending on the registration number, as follows:

1 to 100: RON 90

101 to 200: RON 100

201 to 300: RON 110

starting 301: RON 120

The participation fee includes:

The race kit (race number, timing chip, running product, finisher medal, other products)

Access to aid stations

Finisher medal and electronic participation diploma

A meal (one warm food serving) immediately after the race

The right to participate in the prize draw held after the awards ceremony ONLY for those competitors who are present.


Participants must fill out the online registration form on the official website, under Register” by following the provided guidelines.

Each participant shall sign a declaration on honour, declaring that he/she is able to run, understand and acknowledge the accident risks that may occur on the route and fully undertake such risks and that they exonerate the organizers and sponsors of the event from liability in the event of any prejudice, accident or decease.

The fee may be paid online, by bank card or wire transfer, depending on the period, within no more than 3 business days as of the date of registration, according to the guidelines provided in the confirmation e-mail received after registration.

If the fee is not paid within this time period, the registration procedure will have to be resumed, and the conditions valid as on the resumption day will apply.

On-site registrations and validations are not available. No cash payments are allowed.

The last day for online registrations is SEPTEMBER 15th (within the limits of available entries). Starting SEPTEMBER 10th reservations for T-shirt size / meal preference / start wave are allowed; these shall be assigned on a random basis. Between SEPTEMEBR 10-15th, all registrations can be made online, by card bank only.

*** Should you decide to withdraw from the competition, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.

Registrations are transmissible and participants may switch between races only until SEPTEMBER 10th and only subsequent to the payment of a fee of RON 20/registration made online, by bank card only. No other changes to the start list are possible after this date.


Each race will have its own ranking, which shall include the timing of each runner, as well as their general and age group ranking.

The age groups are as follows:

Half Marathon:

OPEN and 18-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50+ female/male

11 Km Cross Race:

OPEN and 18-29; 30-39; 40-49; 50+ female/male

* * *

Money prizes shall be awarded to Half Marathon participants under the OPEN category, ranking on the first 8 positions, female/male, and to 11 Km Cross Race participants in the OPEN category, ranking in the top 5, female and male.

For details, see the PRIZES section on our website.

The winners of money prizes shall provide, within no more than 10 business days as of the event date, to the e-mail address, a copy of their ID Card used for registration and a personal bank account number in RON (not third-party bank accounts). PRIZE MONEY SHALL NOT BE PAID IN CASH! Prizes shall only be paid by means of electronic transfers into RON accounts.

  • Prizes which are not claimed within 10 days shall no longer be paid.


Long/short sleeve running top (depending on the temperature)

Wind- and water-proof running jacket

Running shorts/pants

Hydration case/belt

Operational mobile phone

Lugged-sole trail running shoes

Depending on the weather conditions at the time of the start, certain items in the recommended gear list may become mandatory.


The race number is mandatory. It should be displayed on the front of the T-shirt, and maintained visible throughout the race. If worn correctly, the number will make the identification easier, including for post-competition photos, which shall be published on the MyRaceStory webpage and app.


Split-second timing shall be applied, through the single-use electronic chips located on the back of the race number. The timing based on which the ranking shall be established will be the gross one, i.e., the start time and finish line passing time. If possible, we shall also inform runners on their net timing, i.e., the one between the passing of the start line and the passing of the finish line, but this timing shall not be considered upon the establishment of the ranking. If 2 competitors obtain the same timing, one will rank x, and the other one x+1.


Race kits shall be handed over based on the ID Card and declaration on honour signed by the participant. The declaration shall be sent to each participant in the registration confirmation e-mail. The kits shall be individually handed over, and the date and time when the kits will be distributed shall be posted on the event website under PARTICIPANTS/RACE KIT. If a participant cannot come to pick up their kit, the declaration must be signed by the participant and by a witness, who may pick up their kit.


Start location: slip road parallel to Aleea Privighetorilor, adjacent the Police Academy, in Băneasa forest (Bucharest North), on Sunday, 29 September 2019, as follows:

Half Marathon – 21 km: start time 10.00 AM | time limit: 3h30′

Cross Race – 11 km: start time 10:00 AM | time limit: 2h

The access is possible by personal vehicle or by bus 301 (from Piața Romana or Piața Charles de Gaulle) to Restaurant Băneasa station.

The running surface is approximately 80% unpaved terrain, which may feature uneven ground, tree roots or may be covered with leaves. Depending on the amount of precipitations and temperatures, certain areas may be covered in mud. Runners must wear apparel/shoes that are suitable for the season and the running surface (trail).

The aid stations shall be located in the start/finish area, at km 3.5, at km 7.3 (Cross Race and Half Marathon course), respectively 18.2 (Half Marathon course) and km 14.4 (Half Marathon course). The checkpoints shall be located at each major direction change and their purpose is to observe the passing competitors by their race number, as well as to optimize runner orientation.

Out of respect for the environment, it is forbidden to throw away food waste, packaging, glasses or any other items/materials along the course.

The organizer reserves the right to stop any participant in case they are injured and if remaining in the race could aggravate their own or others’ health condition. Any participants who cannot or will not continue the race, regardless of the reason, must immediately inform the organizers at the checkpoints or by calling the telephone number printed on the race number.

The organizers reserve the right to change the course at all times. Such changes shall be communicated in advance. The organizers reserve the right to cancel/postpone the course under exceptional circumstances, provided that all participants are informed in advance. In the case of unfavorable conditions and/or other special conditions, organizers reserve the right to interrupt the race or change the time limit and/or the course. In the case of force majeure events, which shall mean any and all events that could impact upon the proper deployment of the event, such as major flooding, natural calamities or major political events determining the organizers to cancel the competition, the participation fee will not be reimbursed, but, instead, a new competition date shall be set.


Running in the forest supposes several elements that should be taken into account, so as to avoid unpleasant events and be able to make the most out of the event. The observance of safety provisions is a simple and necessary gesture.

Always act prudently, the course has several turns, and forest running supposes the avoidance of unevenness, branches, knobs, and, in general, of the elements specific to unpaved terrain. The organizer undertakes no liability in the case of accidents, invalidity, severe bodily injury or even decease. The organizer undertakes no liability for material loss or prejudice, exposure to extreme circumstances: disease, contact/collision with other participants, spectators, volunteers, unfavorable weather conditions, accidents cause by the forest running conditions: wasp stings, interaction with wild animals (wild boars, deer, dogs, etc.). Do not blame yourselves for what might seem as excessive caution. Follow your instinct and do not hesitate to contact the support teams in case you feel sick or experience senselessness, or call the emergency phone numbers printed on the race numbers if you notice someone who needs help.

If you notice an incident or a person who needs help, immediately call one of the emergency numbers printed on the race number, and inform one of the volunteers on the route, opposite your running direction, in case you estimate they are less than 3 minutes of running away, or in the running direction. It is very important that you inform the volunteer so that we can locate the course area where the accident took place!

The correct appreciation of your own limits, as accurately as possible, is mandatory in order to be able to dose your effort and avoid unnecessary risk. If possible, stay close to the other runners. Remain alert; think clearly. Listening to headphone music or obstructing the environmental noises during the race is strictly forbidden!

Make sure you are wearing the suitable equipment for the event weather and temperature. Consider the required nutrition and the manner in which you are going to consume it during the race.

Inquire beforehand on the features of the course and the exact location of the aid stations providing nutrition or first aid stations. There are five aid stations: at the start, at km 3.5, km 7.3, km 14.4, km 18.2, and at the finish line. There are 2 first aid stations: at the start /finish line, at km 7.3/18.2. Please bear in mind that, because of the uneven terrain and narrow trails, motor vehicle interventions are quite difficult and, in some areas, even impossible.

Always follow the organizers’ marking. Please remember that in the forest you may come across wild animals. Try and avoid all contact with them. Our recommendation is that you have a mobile phone on you throughout the course.


By registering for the competition, all participants automatically authorize the organizers, including the race partners, to use and reproduce all materials containing statements or images of the partners, while they are running or not. Organizers may transfer these materials to third parties without the participants’ consent; this right may be exerted over any period of time.


Prior to the event date, the participants must read and follow the instructions presented in the „Race Day” section on the event website and to listen to and abide by the organizers’ instructions at the event site.

By participating in this race, competitors express their consent to observe and comply with all the provisions, the terms and conditions herein.

The rules are drafted and made public according to the Romanian laws, being available at Organizers reserve the right to amend these Official Rules at all times, such amendments coming into force only after a notice on such amendments is posted at

The following deviations shall lead to disqualification:

If the race number is not located on the front of the T-shirt.

Any runners who are not wearing their race number on the T-shirt, who are wearing a different race number than the one granted by the organizer shall be automatically disqualified.

The changing or replacement of the number (including in the case of loss) is not allowed on the race day. The transfer of race numbers among runners is not allowed either.

Missing a checkpoint

Failure to observe the competition rules

Unsportsmanlike conduct towards other participants, officials, the audience or other persons

Throwing away waste, packaging, glasses or other items/objects in the forest

Arrival at the event with pets that may obstruct participants on the running course or may cause accidents in the event area.

The organizers also undertake to observe the provisions in the Law no. 677/2001 on personal data protection. Hence, the organizers undertake to maintain confidentiality on the race participants’ and winners’ personal data and to only use it in accordance to these Rules and to the laws in force. Organizers shall not be held liable for any unauthorized exposure of the personal and confidential data, caused by cyberattacks or data thefts.

By registering for Băneasa Race, participants express their consent to receive messages from the organizer concerning its activity, the events hosted or partnered by the organizer.

In the event of any discrepancy between the Romanian and the English version of these Official Rules, the Romanian version shall prevail.