Race Day

The start line shall be on the slip road parallel to Aleea Privighetorilor, next to the Police Academy, in Baneasa forest (Bucharest North), on Sunday, September 29th, 10:00 AM for both the Half Marathon and the Cross Race. The access is possible by personal vehicle or by bus 301 on the route Piata Romana – Piata Charles De Gaulle, descending at Padurea Baneasa station. Please see below the traffic restrictions on the race day.

Each participant must write on the back of their race numberthe contact person and emergency phone number and the possible diseases they suffer from (e.g.: allergies, diabetes, asthma, etc.). Please keep the race number! It shall include the food serving chosen upon the registration and it is required for serving the meal. Moreover, the volunteers shall cut a corner of the number, so that all present participants may take part in the prize draw.

Race Start

In order to avoid jams at the forest entrance and along the course, the start shall be in 6 waves, based on the time submitted upon registration. The start shall be common for both races, the cross and the Half Marathon races, at a distance of 4 minutes between the waves starting 10:00.

Each participant’s race number shall include the start wave corresponding to the submitted time and the running start time.

The access to the start corridor shall be per individual wave. immediately after the first start wave, the access of the participants in the following wave shall be allowed. There will be approximately 3 minutes, sufficient time so that all runners assigned to the respective start wave enter the start sector. Please remain alert and prepare to enter the start corridor when required, according to the start wave you’re assigned to.

The access shall be through four access gates, the volunteers checking the start wave number, so that each participant starts running in the correct wave. The non-observance of the assigned start wave shall lead to disqualification.

Event Schedule

  • Participants’ arrival: 08:30 – 09:30
  • Warm-up: 09:40 – 09:50
  • Technical briefing: 09:50 – 09:55
  • 1st wave start: 10:00
  • 2nd wave start: 10:04
  • 3rd wave start:  10:08
  • 4th wave start: 10:12
  • 5th wave start: 10:16
  • 6th wave start: 10:20
  • Meal: 11:00 – 13:30
  • Prize Award Ceremony: 13:00
  • Prize draw: 13:30
  • Event end time: 13:40

Recommended gear

Depending on the weather, on each participant’s training and comfort zone, you may adapt the following equipment.

  • trail running shoes
  • long sleeve running top
  • wind- and water-proof jacket
  • long running pants
  • gaiters or long socks and detachable sleeves
  • running T-shirt
  • running headband, beanie or cap

Half Marathon – 21 KM (in addition to the Cross Race equipment)

  • mobile phone
  • hydration belt
  • Course distance: 21 KM HALF MARATHON and 11 km CROSS RACE
    Marking: white marking tape with INTERSPORT logo (blue, red). Please carefully follow this marking only. Other markings (tape in other colors, arrows on trees or other types of marking) do not belong to us and do not necessarily point in the right direction. In case you do not encounter a marking over a distance of more than 100-150 meters, you most certainly are off the running course, and the best solution is return on the course by returning to the same spot until you encounter a marking and continue running from there on the marked course in the correct running direction.
  • Start/finish: in the event area from the Police Academy in Băneasa.
  • For additional details regarding the course, please see the course maps accompanied by several pieces of information: Cross Race – 11 KM and Half Marathon – 21 KM
  • Time limit: HALF MARATHON: 3h30′ | CROSS RACE: 2h
  • WARNING! So as not to get lost in the forest and/or avoid disqualification, please observe the volunteers’ instructions and carefully follow the marking, not the trail.

80%-90% unpaved trail, which may feature uneven ground, tree roots or may be covered with leaves. Depending on the amount of precipitations and temperatures, certain areas may be covered in mud. Having an equipment suitable for the running terrain (trail) and staying alert may turn this race into a pleasant and unique experience.

  • For the 11 km race, there will be three aid stations providing water, isotonic PowerBar, fruit, chocolate, and other treats offered by the sponsors. The first will be in the start/finish area, the 2nd one at km 4 (water only), and the 3rd one at km 7.3, where you will find water, isotonic, fruits, biscuits, chocolate, etc.
  • For the Half Marathon race, there will be 4 aid stations providing Borsec water, isotonic PowerBar, fruit, chocolate, and other treats offered by the sponsors. The first aid station is at the start/finish line, the 2nd one is the aid station at km 4 (water and isotonic only), the aid station at km 7, which will also be available upon the return from Tunari forest, kilometer 17 (water, isotonic, fruits, biscuits, chocolate, etc.) and the aid station at kilometer 14 (water, isotonic, fruits).
  • After each hydration/aid station, there will be an area delimited by a board, dedicated to residue collection, so as to maintain the forest as clean as possible. At the end of the race, alongside the course marking, the residues in the vicinity of the aid stations shall also be collected. We strongly insist that you do not throw any kind of packaging/garbage outside the aid station areas.  Such a gesture shall be sanctioned with disqualification.
  • Always act prudently, the course has several turns, and forest running supposes the avoidance of unevenness, branches, knobs, and, in general, of the elements specific to unpaved terrain. Please remember that in the forest you may come across wild animals. Try and avoid all contact with them. Our recommendation is that you have a mobile phone on you throughout the course.
  • If you notice an incident or a person who needs help, immediately call one of the emergency numbers printed on the race number, and inform one of the volunteers on the route, opposite your running direction, in case you estimate they are less than 3 minutes of running away, or in the running direction. It is very important that you inform the volunteer so that we can locate the course area where the accident took place and initiate the intervention!
  • The correct appreciation of your own limits, as accurately as possible, is mandatory in order to be able to dose your effort and avoid unnecessary risk. If possible, stay close to the other runners.
  • Make sure you are wearing equipment suitable for the event weather and temperature. Moreover, consider the required nutrition and the manner in which you are going to administer hydration and nutrition during the race. Inquire beforehand on the features of the course and the exact location of the nutrition reserve or first aid stations. Do not use products containing caffeine/theine/taurine (e.g. coffee, green tea, black tea, other energizers) without proper hydration. Without proper hydration and under physical effort, these substances may trigger strong dehydration with unpleasant effects, muscular spasms or even fainting.
  • If possible, we recommend runners to arrive in groups, instead of by individual cars.
  • There are several parking possibilities in the area. On the Police Academy alley, in the continuation of the event area or on the alleys around Băneasa Park.
  • On the alleys around Băneasa Park, parking is possible on the sides, as close as possible to the edge, so that there is sufficient space in the middle for the access and exit of other cars.
  • The access on Băneasa Park alleys in the event area may be through the forest alley, parallel to Aleea Privighetorilor.
  • WARNING! Please do not obstruct the access to the institutions on Aleea Privighetorilor, Romanian Gendarmerie, respectively the Police Academy, and do not park on the spots reserved for these institutions.
  • Moreover, please do not park on Alexandru Nasta Blvd. Even if it is referred to as a boulevard, it actually is a street, with one lane per direction, crossed even by buses. Lane blocking, apart from the fact that it is illegal, shall obstruct the road traffic in the area.
  • In order to clarify the above, please see the map of the parking and access areas at the event site.
  • Should you desire to arrive by public transportation means, bus 301 stops in “Pădurea Băneasa” station, adjacent the event area.
  • 16 ecologic toilets located in the start/finish area (see the event area map)
  • 3 ecologic toilets located at the aid station at km 7.3/ 18.2.
  • In case you have a question on-site regarding the Baneasa Race event, come to the info point. The map below includes its positioning.
  • The areas designed for changing clothes are gender-divided and they are located next to the Info Point. Because there is limited room, we recommend the runners to maintain their calm in case it is crowded.
  • The wardrobe is located in the event area, next to the changing areas. Because there is limited room, we recommend the runners to maintain their calm in case it is crowded and find alternatives for the storage of clothing/apparel (in their personal vehicle). Thank you for your understanding!
  • The type of meal submitted upon registration is printed on the race number. Please bring it to the are where the meal is served to take over the chosen meal serving or a serving of pasta and red sauce (fasting diet). There will be two serving areas, one for pasta and one for trout.
  • Then, you may serve the meal together with friends, in the especially arranged lunch area.
  • We would like to ask all our participants to be patient because there is limited space, and everyone needs access to the tables, to eat.
  • After the prize award ceremony, there is going to be a prize draw in which all present runners may participate.
  • It is important that all runners keep their race number; without it, they cannot participate in the prize draw.
  • Please read the Official Rules of the event. Below are a few of the important paragraphs of the rules.
  • Wearing the race number is mandatory. It should be displayed on the front of the T-shirt, and maintained visible throughout the race. If worn correctly, the number will make the identification easier, including for the post-competition photos.
  • Split-second timing shall be applied, through the single-use electronic chips located on the back of the race number. The timing based on which the ranking shall be established will be the gross one, i.e., the start and finish line passing timing. If possible, we shall also inform the runners on their net timing, i.e., the one between the passing of the start line and the passing of the finish line, but this timing shall not be considered upon the establishment of the ranking. If 2 competitors obtain the same timing, one will rank x, and the other one x+1.
  • Out of respect for the environment, it is forbidden to throw away food residues, packaging, glasses or any other items/materials on the course.
  • The organizer reserves the right to stop any participant if they are injured and if remaining in the race could aggravate their own or others’ condition.
  • Any participant who cannot or will not continue the race, regardless of the reason, must immediately inform the organizers at the checkpoints or by calling the telephone number printed on the race number.
  • Arrival at the event with pets that may obstruct participants on the running course or may cause incidents in the event area is strictly forbidden and may lead to the participant’s disqualification.