Cross Race Distance: 11 km
Start time: 10:00 AM
Start location: On the slip road adjacent Aleea Privighetorilor, next to the Police Academy

Marking: The course will be marked with a blue and red Intersport tape. Please ignore the painted signs on trees, regardless of their color or shape (arrows, “x” markings, dots). They do not belong to us and they may point to the wrong direction. For signaling direction changes, we shall use, as much as possible, tape marking and volunteers. However, we recommend the course orientation run for those who can.

Time limit: 2 hours

Terrain: 80% trail/unpaved terrain, which may feature uneven ground, tree roots or may be covered with leaves. Depending on the amount of precipitations and temperatures, certain areas may be covered in mud. Having an equipment suitable for the running terrain (trail) and staying alert may turn this race into a pleasant and unique experience.

Aid stations: stations providing water, isotonic, tea, fruit, chocolate will be available, one in the start area, and the second one at kilometer 7.3. A water-only aid station is set up at km 4.

Course description: The race will start from the slip road adjacent to Aleea Privighetorilor, next to the Police Academy, immediately turning left onto the paved alley. Keep running straight until you reach the forest. Advance following the markings; after 500 m, turn 90 degrees left and follow the 2m-wide trail until you reach the forest road. Then, turn left and continue towards Aleea Padina until you enter a new trail on the right; the trail turns right after 100 meters and right once again after another 400 meters. From here, the course has straight trail running areas, combined with direction changes, which shall be signaled to participants in due time by volunteers or visible markings. The course then reaches a beautiful wider forest terrain, covered in leaves, which horizontally crosses the forest. A loop follows, which will take us back on the same course, but a bit farther down the road, so don’t get confused if you see runners on this track, ahead of you, as the markings/volunteers will guide you to keep right. We will then return on the same route and cross it towards Padurea Pustnicu Road, and towards the end, we shall turn right, without exiting the forest. We will now run at the edge of the forest, leave the Greenfield Residential Complex on the left and then, before Vadul Moldovei road, without exiting the forest, we shall turn right, running parallel to this road. We will thus reach kilometer 7.3, where the 2nd aid station is located. The two courses separate at this point. The Cross Race track turns right, whereas the Half Marathon track turns left. Hence, we will turn right onto the forest road for 100 meters, to then enter the forest on the left. Another 350 meters of wide trail follow, and we will then turn right following the marking up to kilometer 9.2. At this point, we reach the paved forest trail. We will turn right and run up to the point where we initially entered the forest. Turn left on the paved track towards the finish line. At the end of the street, turn right towards the starting point, to reach the FINISH line after 11 km! Congratulations! 🙂